The aim of this blog is to share research regarding mental health and autism with a diverse audience.  It contains editorials written by a range of contributors on different topics related to mental health and autism. We also feature research summaries of studies published in a variety of journals, which are related to autism and mental health, and have added video interviews or relevant videos from other sites, and notable research related news articles.
The Autism Mental Health Blog stems from the Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment and Care Research at York University.  Led by Dr. Jonathan Weiss, the research group plans to identify risk factors related to mental health problems in people with Autism, address these factors and associated mental health problems using novel treatments, and study how people with autism and their family caregivers access mental health care across the country. Good mental health translates into better outcomes for people with autism and for their families, and to a reduced demand on our health care system, which benefits all Canadians.
For more information on the Chair in ASD Treatment and Care Research, please visit the Chair’s website.

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